iPhone selfie at Vlieland

iPhone selfie at Vlieland

About me

I'm a professional in prepress / high quality image production and finishing for high-end demanding photographers, designers and other image makers.

Additionally, I work as a portrait-, concert-, and event photographer throughout The Netherlands.

Dutch | Photography | Vinyl | Hi-Fi | Chocolate

Current exhibitions:

FryslânPhoto Festival

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
05-10-2017 -- 29-10-2017
A collection of photographs by the WTTV-team is on display at Neushoorn as part of the FryslânPhoto Festival. Go check it out!

Past exhibitions:

"Late Rembrandt" participation

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
25-03-2015 -- 07-04-2015
One of my portraits got selected to participate at
The Rijksmuseum's Light Art Portrait Exhibition to support the "Late Rembrandt" exhibition.

Anne Soldaat, Born to Perform

Djen Design, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht
07-03-2015 -- 30-05-2015

Kopi Soesoe, Katendrecht, Rotterdam
22-11-2014 -- 22-02-2015

The making of TING!

Dudok, Rotterdam
Spring 2016 -- End 2016
Promotional exhibition

Ferro Dome, Rotterdam
September 2016 -- October 2016
as part of the side programme

Kopi Soesoe, Katendrecht, Rotterdam
26-11-2016 -- still on display
Also chosen to be part of Rotterdam Photo festival 2017
See movie here.
Plans are made to sell at auction. More info soon.

Multiple publications in printed and online media

Below my Instagram feed which is a mixture between personal and photography