iPhone selfie at Vlieland

iPhone selfie at Vlieland

About me

I'm a professional in prepress / high quality image production and finishing for high-end demanding photographers, designers and other image makers.

Additionally, I work as a portrait-, concert-, and event photographer throughout The Netherlands.

Dutch | Photography | Vinyl | Hi-Fi | Chocolate

Current exhibitions:

Kopi Soesoe, Katendrecht, Rotterdam

26-11-2016 -- still on display
Also chosen to be part of Rotterdam Photo festival 2017
See movie here.
Plans are made to sell at auction. More info soon.

Past exhibitions:

"Late Rembrandt" participation

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
25-03-2015 -- 07-04-2015
One of my portraits got selected to participate at
The Rijksmuseum's Light Art Portrait Exhibition to support the "Late Rembrandt" exhibition.

Anne Soldaat, Born to Perform

Djen Design, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht
07-03-2015 -- 30-05-2015

Kopi Soesoe, Katendrecht, Rotterdam
22-11-2014 -- 22-02-2015

The making of TING!

Dudok, Rotterdam
Spring 2016 -- End 2016
Promotional exhibition

Ferro Dome, Rotterdam
September 2016 -- October 2016
as part of the side programme

FryslânPhoto Festival

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
05-10-2017 -- 29-10-2017
A collection of photographs by the WTTV-team is on display at Neushoorn as part of the FryslânPhoto Festival. 


Multiple publications in printed and online media

Below my Instagram feed which is a mixture between personal and photography