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Kopi Soesoe

If you'd like to give your life a positive boost, go visit Kopi Soesoe in Rotterdam, NL. They know about coffee and cheesecake (like: they seriously know about coffee and cheesecake) and when things are a bit different, they know about beers (like: they seriously know about beers) and when things get late, they have the most wonderful performances on stage in their lovely "living room". I love those guys!! Chances are big you bump into me (did I mention cheesecake and beer?) 

Photo (C) unknown

Rob Allen

Before photography kicked in, I used to be a semi-pro bass player. Like all bass players, I was on a quest to find the ultimate bass (sound). After owning a zillion Alembics (among others) I stumbled across Rob Allen. He just finished his first solid body bass (Solid-4) and I ordered one instantly. Although my musical activities are barely existent these days, this baby sits right next to me and is still amazing! If you happen to play bass, renowed luthier Rob Allen is your guy!

Photo : (C) Me :-)

Studio JØT & JØL

Two girls and two personalities in one concept store where fashion, interior, food, lifestyle & beauty meet in a most wonderful way. I'd go there. Get a haircut. Find presents. See Amanda. Meet Carola. Maybe even both! Try leaving without a big smile. You simply can't.

Photo: (C) Unknown

Welcome to The Village

A place that you’ll be homesick for ...

For a grand total of three days, Welcome to The Village will be the most beautiful little village of the Netherlands. A village that we create together, and where we think a good music programme with international talent, delicious and logical food and innovative art and design are important. The festival is organised by a big group of young freelancers, lots of friends and more than five hundred volunteers. I'm one of those.

How about an aftermovie? 

Photo: (C) Me ;-)