About TING!

Naomi Bratthammer performing during final rehearsal


The making of TING!, a photo documentary

Around Spring 2016, I was asked by NITS to join them as a photographer. They teamed up with Scapino Ballet and Codarts to provide live music for Scapino’s upcoming 70th anniversary performance “TING!”

The production was premiered in September 2016 and was only be seen in Ferro Dome, Rotterdam.

I've been documenting from the very first start of the preperarions all the way up to the last performance.

I've seen beautiful things beyond compare ...

Even during photographing TING!, exhibitions were made. A selection was on display at Dudok during 2016 and at the Ferro Dome a slide show exhibition on two large screens located at the restaurant area was part of the side-programme.

All of this resulted in putting my own exhibition together which is currently on display at Kopi Soesoe, Katendrecht. The opening was on November 26th and was supported by NITS who played some songs live! This wonderful evening was attended by many dancers, acrobats and fans.

Expo at Dudok, Rotterdam

Large format slideshow projection at performance location

Large format slideshow projection at performance location